Red Sun – Le soleil rouge – 1967 – Joan Miró

The name of our laboratory was conceived to pay homage to the surrealist artist Joan Mirò. This choice was made with the desire to be able to create a laboratory that would embrace some Surrealism themes.

Surrealism is an avant-garde movement born in France between the two wars. The term means "overcoming realism". For the surrealists, art must immediately express the unconscious in the sense of higher reality, conceived as a place where real and imaginary, past and present unite without contradictions. The artists intend to counteract the rationalism and naturalism of bourgeois art, instead of developing a new language capable of leveraging the enormous pool of information contained in our unconscious, offering a more authentic and profound vision of the self.

As for Surrealism, our laboratory was born with the idea of trying to build a work environment in which minds were not only commanded by superficial rules and schemes, but could be free to draw on the enormous pool of information contained in the our unconscious, grasping the hidden reality behind appearances and therefore synthesizing new solutions in a 'profoundly' creative and innovative way.

And, as Mirò, what's important is never stop dreaming, with the fantastic or phantasmal projection of the "dream" and subconscious thought into a pseudo-reality visionary, we hope that our creative, dynamic work environment, can let you immerse yourself completely in our activities by entering into a state of work/consciousness called flow.

The state of flow is characterized by an intense concentration focused on the present moment, a total harmony between thought and action, a feeling of competence and absolute control over the experience, accompanied by a distortion of the perception of time and a deep sense of gratification and wellness. To get the "flow", it is necessary to connect with one's unconscious synergistically. In this way, it is possible to reach the maximum peak in terms of performance, creativity, and productivity, without effort and almost without feeling fatigued.

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