Misure Meccaniche e Termiche

The course aims to present the principles of mechanical Metrology through the rationale of the measurement operations such as the concepts of measurement quantity and model of the measurement process, the estimation of the quality of the measurement through uncertainty analysis, modeling and identification of static and dynamics performance of the measuring instruments also through generalized impedances. The principles listed above will be exploited to the measurement of the main physical quantities and also through laboratories.Students will learn the basic principles of metrology, will be able to describe and model the problem mathematically, use the learned concepts to select the most appropriate measuring instruments, design an industrial setup with related data processing, and report the results in the context of technical meetings.

Robotic Perception and Action

The course provides the basic elements of two of the pillars of Industry 4.0: Mobile Robotics and Mixed Reality using concepts of both measurement (Perception) and planning/control (Action).As far as mobile robotics are concerned, the theoretical bases of localization methods, kinematics, planning and route control by robotic vehicles are illustrated.As regards Mixed Reality, the technological and cognitive bases are illustrated together with the main software tools (Unity) and hardware (different sensors such as time-flight cameras, electromyographic, physiological, eye trackers, etc.).

Measurement Systems and Applications

The course "Measurement Systems and Applications" brings the student toward a contact with real industrial and/or research applications. Those similar to the ones he will meet during his future career.

Robotics and Sensor Data Fusion

The course provides the necessary elements for the management of industrial manipulators and mobile robots, operating in artificial environment, such as industrial, and in not structured environments, the new field of development for robotic applications. For the acquisition of skills set out above apply concepts from research in mechanical measurements, specifically addressed to the study and design of systems dedicated to the perception of the environment in which robots operate. In the following gallery some robots I had the opportunity to work with or design and develop.

Thesis proposals

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Past Thesis

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