2022-2023 Interactive Lesson in Mobile Robotics: path planning

Dear Students,

you are ALL invited to carry out interactive lesson of 10-15 minute long based (or inspired) on one of the topics introduced in the course.

Note: that the following details are ONLY for whom still did not yet voluntarily submitted a proposal.



  • You can carry out this individually or in pairs.
  • Take a look at the main theory in Mobile Robotics here
  • Select one of the mutually excluding proposed approaches (a) (b) or (c).

(a) Generate a trajectory with a potential map between selected initial and final points.
(b) Generate a trajectory with quintic polynomials between 5 points constraining velocity and acceleration of the intermediate points to be equal or following an “ad hoc” motivated behavior.
(c) Generate a trajectory by using the unicycle kinematics in chained form between selected initial and final points applying integrators of the Runge-Kutta (RG) type of order 2 and 4.

  • Then, you can add a disturbance signal and introduce a feedback control that should allow you to converge at the desired point. During the lesson we introduced many codes to carry out this.
  • Assemble a presentation of a few slides providing the following content:

P1. Theoretical foundation and main applications of the selected technique (actually, it would be a short review in the field).
P2. Introduce the code with remarks on the adopted solutions.
P3. Highlight main results and discussion.

Dates to present the work have not been confirmed yet!!

In the meantime, how to book?

  • Just write to me an email with the subject “[INTERACTIVE LESSON]” Specifying if you are alone or in two with names and matricola at the following BOTH addresses:
  • andrea.cesarini@unitn.it
  • andrea.cesarini@marconirovereto.it


Reward: +1 grades added to the exam final score


  • this is NOT an exam so there is no problem in showing incomplete works or doubts
  • if you do not feel confident you can cancel your participation at any time



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