2021 Topic

The topic can be proposed by the students or one of the following:

  • Topic 1. Inertial Gait Analysis: detect the gait phase through an IMU sensor.
  • Topic 2. Laser rangefinder Gait Analysis: detect the gait phase through a Laser rangefinder sensor.
  • Topic 3. ToF Gait Analysis: detect the gait phase through a ToF camera.
  • Topic 4. Vehicle control simulator: simulate the Admittance Control of a differential vehicle (in collaboration with professor Andrea Del Prete) + Calibration and Validation of the Walker HMI (the instrumented belt) IF YOU ARE IN 4
  • Topic 5. Serious Games: development of an interactive story.
  • Topic 6. Wheelchair simulator: realize a virtual scenario to test eye-gaze interface.
  • Topic 7. integrated with topic4 in case you are in 4 or even in 3 (not so difficult task)

The topic shall correspond to a significative amount of work in order to learn practical skills. Please consider that part of the theory has been reduced to let the student focus on the homework.

Take a look at the following past Homeworks, the amount of work shall be comparable:


Take a look at the exam rules.

Consider that this year we could have limits in interacting among students and professor-students, so there will be a limited number of projects available, i.e. maximum 10/12.

In order to form the groups please compile this excel file and send to Laboratoriomisureroboticaunitn@gmail.com WITH email object: [HOMEWORK]

The groups shall be composed by 3 students (2 exceptionally), if you are less you can send the excel format and we will merge with other groups.



Results: your preferences to do or not to do the Homework.


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