Interactive Lesson on Mixed Reality with Unity

2021 Interactive Lesson in Mixed Reality with Unity

The lesson should be focused on the development of a simple game including a “Welcome” state, a “Setting” state, a “Play” state and a “Exit” state.
The “Play” state has to include some advanced multimedia content related to the graphical and audio management.
You can get inspired by tutorials, projects available on the Unity Learn website.


  • you can be 1 or 2 students that do this job together
  • the topic should include:
    • 3D sound management regarding the positioning and the movement of the source wih respect the player. An example can be found in the tutorial present on this video
    • Graphical tool like VFX Graph to create visual imact effects like:
      • Advanced effects like for example firework or snow storm.
      • Point clouds management including the data loading inside Unity and the visualizzation personalizing parameters like the number of points or the colors.
    • On-line data collection from a microcontroller (Arduino or STM32) by simple sensors (temperature, pressure, IMU….) and visuaization inside Unity.
  • you can use one of the two versione of the state machine explained during the lesson
  • write 3-5 slides where you roughly describe the control principle and the comparative results
  • the dates to be confirmed we will show together the slides and the simulation results

What to do:

  • write Luca Maule ( an email with the subject “[INTERACTIVE LESSON]” Specifying if you are alone or in two with names and matricola


+1 grades added to the exam final score

List of Students who participated in December 2021:

  • Emanuele Mazza – 224864
  • Andrea Zatelli – 224863
  • Gabriele Corrà – 220503
  • Davide Dorigoni – 223175
  • Marco Moret – 223166
  • Giovanni Poletti – 223397
  • Francesco Mazzoni – 224840