Interactive Lesson in Mobile Robotics path planning

2021 Interactive Lesson in Mobile Robotics path planning


  • you can be 1 or 2 students that do this job together
  • Take a look at the main theory in Mobile Robotics here
  • you can use the main script that I commented last year and that is possible to download here: an example in Matlab that implement the Pure Pursuit path control and another geometric method. Here the Matlab main file and here the built control function, here another, simpler, control function.
  • Task to be accomplished:
    • Write a controller function similarly to the one here using either the Stanley controller or the Alonzo Kelly, or whichever controller you like or even invent one
    • insert a measurement noise in the PA loop (i.e. the while loop)
    • Try to optimise the parameters using optmimization algorithms (also already built in matlab)
    • compare your coded controller with the ones provided (the built in one and the one coded by the teacher)
    • write 5/6 slides where you describe the control principle and the comparative results
  • Material is in the Mobile Robotics article here and here but you can find anywhere in the net other examples of heuristic controllers
  • the dates to be confirmed we will show together the slides and the simulation results

What to do:

  • write me an email with the subject “[INTERACTIVE LESSON]” Specifying if you are alone or in two with names and matricola


+1 grades added to the exam final score


  • tris is NOT an exam so there is no problem in showing incomplete works or doubts
  • if you do not feel confident you can cancel your participation


List of Students who participated in December 2021:

Marco Grano 223177
Asia La Rocca 223168

Davide Dorigoni 223175
Nicolò De Bono 223639

Gabriele Corrà 220503
Moretto Marco 223166

Elisa Alboni 220341
El Ourrak 224835

Emanuele Arca 223099

Huang 230258 – finish comparisono between Stanley and their modificatio
Xu 230293

William Cecchi Guarineti 225093
Urus Suturovic 225270

Zatelli Andrea 224863
Mattia Sittoni 223172

Annachiara D’Aquilio 223171


List of Students who participated in December 2020:

  • Laura Zampieri – 213217
  • Andrea Cumerlotti – 214589
  • David Karbon – 224433
  • Paolo Teta – 220375
  • Federico Baggio – 215895
  • Matteo Miorandi – 215865
  • Liu – 221327
  • Matteo Zuccatti – 214580
  • Alessandro Avi – 214579
  • Maria Doglioni – 211811
  • Svevo Fuser – 213576
  • Piogerardo Albano – 214575
  • Meron Hailu – 214146

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