Mobile Robotics 2022-2023

There is a booklet written by Luca Baglivo and other colleagues of the UNITN Mechatronics Department. Here almost the same book up to dated with notes made during the years.

Hereafter further teaching and technical material:

  • Here the slides of Lecture 1 which relates on Autonomous and Wheeled Mobile Robots (WMRs) introduction, mechanical aspects, wheel modeling. Then, an introduction to Unicycle, Car-like and other kinematic models of WMRs is carried out.
  • About mechanics constraints of wheels, WMR mobility and steerability, kinematics/mechanical classifications and some other tips, one might refer to this document.
  • Some slides about kinematics also in ppt format of other colleagues which clarify some aspects of omnidirectional (3,0) WMR kinematics. Here some notes about Swedish wheels dynamics and application on mobile robots.
  • Here you will find the first of the two Matlab codes we improvised during our Tutorial 1 (for which I produced very preliminary slides of explanation). It was just sketched but the code is showing how to handle a dynamic system evolution of a unicycle kinematic model. Moreover an example of  rectangular and trapezoidal time integration is provided. A bit refined Front Driven (FD) Carlike kinematic model is provided for simulation. You can find some preliminary slides here with just a few thoughts and advices provided during the simulation.
  • Another example of differential drive “unicycle” modeling in Matlab and Simulink with the chance to consider further constraint as upper limits, etc
  • to be continued…

Short tutorials introducing basic and intermediate Matlab/Simulink coding:

  • TBD