Welcome to the MiRo Lab

MiRo Lab is a research group in Mechanical and Thermal Measurements that is part of the Mechatronics division of the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Trento.

Our vision is to introduce innovative technologies by combining technical knowledge with the creative approach of some art sectors. The areas of research and teaching focus on the design of new measuring devices, their application to robotic systems, the creation and characterization of human-machine interfaces, the development of Mixed Reality devices applied in industry and rehabilitation.

We are developing a second prototype of an intelligent robotic walker designed to support individuals with motor difficulties caused by severe neuro-cognitive impairments.

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Mechanical and thermal measurements and Robotic Perception and Action.

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Design, calibration and optimisation of mechanical measurement systems.


Design, calibration and optmisation of mobile robots or manipulators.

Computer vision & Mixed Reality

Inspection or motion capture systems based on multi-camera and Time of Flight - ToF cameras.
Mixed Reality (both AV and AR) for industry and clinics.


Past experience in Rosetta and LISA ESA Cornerstone missions.