Categoria Robotic Perception and Action

The course provides the basic elements of two of the pillars of Industry 4.0: Mobile Robotics and Mixed Reality using concepts of both measurement (Perception) and planning / control (Action). As for mobile robotics, the theoretical bases of the methods of localization, kinematics, planning and control of the path with robotic vehicles As for the Mixed Reality, the technological and cognitive bases are illustrated together with the main software tools (Unity) and hardware ( different sensors such as time-flight, electromyographic, physiological cameras, eye trackers, etc.).

2022 – Virtual Robot Interaction in AR

Some preliminary indications Here the main points for the mobile robot simulator to be developed in Unity: Build a realistic mobile robot model. To do so use WheelColliders elements that allow to input torque to each wheel. You can follow…

2022 – Mobile robot sensor fusion

We have prepared all the necessary materials for acquisitions: encoder of the two wheels gyro velocity output a reference system ground truth to compare your algorithm and eventually optimise parameters Send an email to to schedule a day to…

2022 – Smart Gate

In the meanwhile take a look at these posts: HERE THE MATERIAL YOU NEED FOR HOMEWORK. Please send an email to to schedule a meeting.