Categoria Robotic Perception and Action

The course provides the basic elements of two of the pillars of Industry 4.0: Mobile Robotics and Mixed Reality using concepts of both measurement (Perception) and planning / control (Action). As for mobile robotics, the theoretical bases of the methods of localization, kinematics, planning and control of the path with robotic vehicles As for the Mixed Reality, the technological and cognitive bases are illustrated together with the main software tools (Unity) and hardware ( different sensors such as time-flight, electromyographic, physiological cameras, eye trackers, etc.).


The course provides concepts of both Measurement (Perception) and Planning / Control (Action) implemented for two of the Industry 4.0 pillars: Mobile Robotics and Mixed Reality. Here the link to the introductive lesson: INTRODUCTION


Sensor Fusion Real-Time Uncertainty Estimation of Autonomous Guided Vehicles Trajectory taking into account Correlated and Uncorrelated Effects Asynchronous and time-delayed sensor fusion of a laser scanner navigation system and odometry Sensor fusion of inertial-odometric navigation as a function of the…


Sensor Fusion Dispensa Sensor Fusion Author(s): Luca Baglivo, Mariolino De Cecco Bayesian Signal Processing: Classical, Modern, and Particle Filtering MethodsAuthor(s): James V. Candy Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers – Third Edition – Chapter 2: Probability Author(s): Douglas C. Montgomery,…

Mixed Reality (MR) Theory

In this section you will find the teaching material regarding Mixed Reality theory with the point of view of a developer of MR systems and interfaces. For this purpose we introduced the general principles highlighting the new role of a…