Categoria Robotic Perception and Action

The course provides the basic elements of two of the pillars of Industry 4.0: Mobile Robotics and Mixed Reality using concepts of both measurement (Perception) and planning / control (Action). As for mobile robotics, the theoretical bases of the methods of localization, kinematics, planning and control of the path with robotic vehicles As for the Mixed Reality, the technological and cognitive bases are illustrated together with the main software tools (Unity) and hardware ( different sensors such as time-flight, electromyographic, physiological cameras, eye trackers, etc.).

2023/24 Homeworks

Hereafter 3 the topics that this year you can develop in maximum 2 students and present (at the oral exam) 1. Complementary filtering Use an optimization framework to find the coefficients of each filter without any constraint (i.e. making the…

MPC controller for unicycle robot

Interactive lesson – Alessandro Assirelli Program 1. Introduction to optimal control and how can we solve it 2.CasADi (click here: intro_casadi) 3. Trajectory optimization 4. MPC (click here: Main_OCP)   YOU CAN DOWNLOAD ALL THE MATLAB CODES HERE

2022 – Laser rangefinder navigation

You can use the SLAM toolbox of matlab but also use the Singular Value Decomposition that we are going to see in the course, at least to estimate incrementally the motion between two scans Balyo DATA