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ISMAR 2020  (9-13 Nov 2020)

We are at the IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality with our paper: “Stepping over Obstacles with Augmented Reality based on Visual Exproprioception”. This year ISMAR is in Virtual Reality using VirBELA. Our Space: Main room:


Autonomous  Volume and Inertia Estimation of Anatomical Segments   WHAT IS EUROBENCH ABOUT? Eurobench is a European academic project that aims to develop a system dedicated to biomedical applications. The study of human movements and kinematics requires knowledge of the…


Sensor Fusion Real-Time Uncertainty Estimation of Autonomous Guided Vehicles Trajectory taking into account Correlated and Uncorrelated Effects Asynchronous and time-delayed sensor fusion of a laser scanner navigation system and odometry Sensor fusion of inertial-odometric navigation as a function of the…


Sensor Fusion Dispensa Sensor Fusion Author(s): Luca Baglivo, Mariolino De Cecco Bayesian Signal Processing: Classical, Modern, and Particle Filtering MethodsAuthor(s): James V. Candy Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers – Third Edition – Chapter 2: Probability Author(s): Douglas C. Montgomery,…