Hirokazu Kato visit @ MIRo Lab

The 17th of November 2021 our colleague ‘Hiro’ from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology – NAIST landed in Bologna at 12:00 where Alessandro and Isidro were waiting to bring him in Trento.

The visit originated both thanks to the collaboration in the AUSILIA project thanks to the ERASMUS + ICM

Next three weeks we will work together in team with Damiano, Alessandro, Isidro and Manuel Rosi (our current Master thesis student) to develop a new Augmented Reality application within the AUSILIA gym. It will comprise a holographic interface to be worn by the therapist that look at the patient while fulfill activities of everyday living. The therapist will wore a Hololens 2 AR gear with motion capture and interaction cues added on top of his vision.