3D Body Scanning – Lugano 2012

From the 25th till the 26th Mario and Nicolò were at the 3D Body Scanning Technologies conference held in Lugano.

The conference originates from the demand for an international event focused on 3D human body scanning and human body measurement methods. It is an important international conference dedicated to this specific fields.


Nicolò held a good presentation about our Garment Based Motion Capture system that draw the attention of several players at the venue. We had contacts ranging from film industry, sport academies, consultants seeking for technologies for the asiatic market and others.

We clearly realized our system to be both a 3D body scanning system (although an order of magnitude less resolution) and a Motion Capture instrument (an order of magnitude higher resolution).


The conference was organized with a parallel exhibition allowing manufacturers of scanning equipment to demonstrate live their products and solutions to all participants. Nicolò, being an experimenter, tried the solution of Vitronic.


The lake can appear very differently according to the amount of sunlight.


After sunset the environment remains interesting also due to some well known brands and typical stuff of a very rich society.


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