AUSILIA – First demo of Augmented Virtuality interface for Clinics

The MIRo Lab is working on the development of an innovative representation of measurements collected by multi-device and multi-technology acquisition systems for clinical purposes.

In the context of AUSILIA project, the group is structuring a apartment in Villarosa Hospital, Pergine, Trento. This environment will be used by the occupational therapists to monitor and analyse various elements related to the life quality and capabilities of subjects affected by disabilities, physical or cognitive, during daily activities performed during a day of living in such apartment.

The apartment is going to be equipped with various technologies and sensors useful at measuring quantities like:

  • biological parameters
  • manipulation capabilities
  • interaction with the environment
  • cognitive behaviours
  • habits and more.

The quantities, if considered by their own, are meaningful just for specific element of interests. Their combination is instead a completely new and more meaningful representation of the actions and behaviours of the subject. The human being is indeed a complex entity. We embody different factors and elements, so why should we consider one at a time when analysing the behaviour or physical state?

The theory of network physiology focus on the “global” analysis of the subject, considering synchronous measurements in order to provide a better assessment, a better diagnosis, a better understanding of the patient.

All aforementioned elements, measured or analysed independently, are therefore combined in an innovative interface that exploits the Augmented Virtuality as domain for their representation.

In the following video it is possible to see the output of our Augmented Virtuality interface. Subject: Matteo

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