AUSILIA – Project start! 2015

The last 10th of august the AUSILIA project

AUSILIA is a project of the rehabilitation hospital of Villa Rosa (ABILITA headed by Giovanni Guandalini) together with the University of Trento. The following departments will participate: DISI (Francesco De Natale and Nicola Conci), DII (myself, Mauro Da Lio and Giandomenico Nollo) and DICAM (Antonio Frattari). AUSILIA has been granted the last 10th of august 2015 and will start within four months. AUSILIA foresee the realization of domotic apartments and a laboratory of design and testing of new assistive devices within Villa Rosa. Its primary goal is the customization of assistive solutions for users with physical and/or cognitive impairments. Both user and caregivers will have the possibility to spend a week inside the domotic apartment in order to benefit from the training and design of personalized architectural and/or technological solutions for his/her improvement in autonomy and quality of life. AUSILIA embed also an engineering laboratory where to design and produce custom architectural solutions and custom assistive components or devices.

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