Kinematics – Group 2

An interactive lecture on path following algorithms

The core idea of the project is to provide a tool able to support the teacher in explaining the theory, make the lesson more appealing and help the student in visualizing the concepts of path following algorithms. In order to achieve this goal, the following interactive simulation was developed using Unity (Fig.1).

Scheme of Unity simulations

The Unity physical engine has been fundamental to deal with the vehicle’s dynamics. Indeed, thanks to some Unity components (such as the wheel collider package) is possible to avoid the full development and solution of the equations of motion.

To control the vehicle during the simulations both a PID controller, to set it in motion, and some path following algorithms, to make it move along a wanted trajectory, are used.

Together with the executable files of the simulations, you can find a tutorial paper with the details of both the theory of the algorithms and their implementation. A power point presentation, usable for the lecture, is also available.

Some pictures taken from the simulations are reported:


ICR method applied on a clover trajectory

Heuristic method applied on a spiral trajectory

Mine environment simulation with ICR control



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