UNCAP – Lund Meeting 2016

Welcome to Lund!!

During the days of 3 and 4 of May 2016 we took part in the UNCAP project meeting in Lund, Sweden. The aim of UNCAP project is the development of an open, scalable and privacy-savvy ICT infrastructure using solutions and technologies studied in previous research. The goal of the project is to support aging people in their daily life, improving in this way the lifestyle.

Ideon Apha, the place were the meeting was held

During the first part of Lund meeting some partners exposed the progress for each Work Packages.
The core of the meeting was the second part when the partner discussed about the architecture implementation in order to perform the exchange of data between all the parts of the infrastructure. A frontal meeting is the best way to discuss about the technical details of the protocols involve in the communication, a conference call would not be so efficient.

The area

Lund is a beautiful little town, characterized by many green zones. The streets are wide and divided in two part, one for cars and one for the bicycles. As in many Nordic countries, a huge numbers of people use the bikes to move in the city and, if you allow me, I was thinking that this could be a contradiction due to the cold climate of these countries. Otherwise, the first think that I noticed in Lund was the peace and the silence of the town. Crossing the city centre at 10.30 am, there was no noise of cars but only few people riding a bicycle wearing summer clothing.

After the meeting, we visited Lund following one of our colleague, our tourist guide. He show us the more historical part of the city, where there are the Basilica, the original building of the University, the famous green library and many other beautiful places. In the following images, it is possible to see some of these places.

From the top, on the left: the scientific centre, the original building of the University and the library

And of course there is “how have the money!!”

Tesla model S

During the last day of the trip there was a couple of hours to visit Copenhagen. In addition to many beautiful places we discovered also a small piece of Trentino

From the top, on the left: the King garden, the Copenhagen port and a bike coming from Trento

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