The interaction of gaze-based solutions with the control routine of a wheelchair could have a key role in the life of many patients suffering from mobility problems. This project aims to develop some innovative strategies to control a semi autonomous wheelchair through the gaze. Starting from the information coming from an Eye Tracker the user performs the control of the wheelchair by means of a human machine interface (HMI), a strategy useful to interact with the device. The HMI was realized using an advanced game engine (UNITY).

The user can select between three different driving modalities:

  • Manual navigation
  • Semi-autonomous navigation
  • Autonomous navigation

With the manual navigation the user can act directly on the speeds of the wheelchair by means of a human machine interface. A continuous function define the values of the forward and lateral velocities. From a practical point of view, moving the gaze from the bottom corner of the screen to the upper corner the forward speed increases. I the same way, looking at the left corner the lateral speed has the maximum value and the wheelchair turn left.


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