Salento AVR 2016

From the 15th till the 19th of june myself and Luca attended the SALENTO AVR 2016 where we presented our work “Development of innovative HMI strategies for eye controlled wheelchairs in Virtual Reality” to researchers, scientists, and practitioners in virtual and augmented reality, 3D visualization and computer graphics in the areas of medicine, cultural heritage, arts, education, entertainment, industrial and military sectors.

The conference was very well orgenized in a wonderful venue of “Le Cale d’Otranto Resort” that is located in Otranto, 44 km away from Lecce.

Figure. Conference room.

Several interesting works were presented. One of the most impressive keyspeakers was the one from Leo Joskowicz that spoke about AVR applications for brain surgery and orthopedic reconstruction also embedding optimization and FEM models in AVR engines.

Attending the same conference there was also our friend professor Konstantinos Moustakas presenting his work “Simulation of Tsunami impact upon Coastline”. Fortunately no such event occurred during the conference! We remained in the VR domain.

Figure. Professors Joskowicz and Moustakas presenting their interesting applications.

The conference vanue comprised also a nice village hereafter shown at its entrance.

Figure. “Le Cale d’Otranto Resort”.

Figure. Particular of the romantic suite (unfortunatedly the accompanying person was not perfectly suted) and of the rocky coastline.

 Figure. In the meantime Luca was always thinking to eat (the variety and quality of the local food is fantastic!).

 Figure. … actually not only to eat …

Figure. We also took a ride to Otranto.

The week after we come back to our lab full of desire to apply all the new stuff that we had the opportunity to listen and experience in the various talks and demos … but, as usual in many working environments, our colleagues took the opportunity to change our working asset!

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