Test with exoskeleton’s gait analysis – Villa Beretta (LC)

Villa Beretta is one of the main Rehabilitation Centres in the italian context. The hospital is located in Valduce – Costamasnaga (LC), about 50 km far away from Milano. They provide high quality, high technology, compassionate medical care and rehabilitation for individuals with different physical disabilities. They have available several Diagnostics Equipments like MRI, fMRI, CT, echography; Furthermore, inside the facility there is an Electrodiagnostic Center, a Laboratory of respiratory physiopathology and a Gait and Movement Analysis Lab.

On Thursday 19, January 2018 the MIRo Lab and UniBS were present at the Gait and Movement Analysis Lab inside Villa Beretta in order to evaluate our gait analysis based on 3D vision of people using exoskeletons.

We (Prof. Mariolino De Cecco, Alberto Fornaser e Paolo Tomasin) brought a 3D based non-invasive/markerless gait analysis system in order to compare its performances with respect to vicon-like systems currently widely employed to acquire the human gait kinematics.

In the pictures above it is possible to note the exoscheleton with markers for the traditional gait analysis (left), the 3D camera (middle) and the calibration tool that we use for the complete cloud of point extraction from several 3D Time of Flight (ToF) cameras.


Prof. Matteo Lancini developed some special crutches that they are working on at University of Brescia.

During the day were analysed 40 series of gait made by 2 different users; each user tried 2 different type of exoskeleton.


The acquired data are now under processing to estimate of the human kinematics. Some very preliminary results can be seen in the above figure.

At the end of the day, we were ready to show the user his 3D acquisition using a VR headset.

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