VERITAS – GaMoCap testing

Wednesday we tested the Garment Motion Capture system – GaMoCap, developed in our lab.

It consists of a set of cameras looking toward the subject that wears a garment specially designed for our purpose. The lighting system is also very important. For that we used stabilised neon lamps. Of the 7 stereocouples were used only 4 for a total of 8 cameras.

Max wore the garment to test the measurement of the hip motion. The simulating user performed Hip flexion/extension (about 90°) and Hip adduction/abduction while standing. Acquisition frames was performed at a frame rate of 10 Hz.

Hereafter some results.

It was elaborated the Hip flexion/extension sequence.

The last three pictures report:
– standing in the initial position (4th frame).
– flexing hip (36th frame)
– hip flexion as a function of frames (frame rate 10 Hz).

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