VERITAS – Test session in Trento 2011

Form the 21th of November till the 24th the test session in Trento was conducted smoothly.

This thanks to doct. Giovanni that helped us together with Denise and Orietta.

Twenty eight subjects were tested. Ten ictus, seven gonarthrosis, five coxarthrosis and six elderly.

Tests started on monday and ended on thursday. Colleagues from Smartex and ITI helped us to conduct the measurement sessions with an integrated set of measuring and recording units. Those were: a Motion Capture system, a Force Panel for dexterity assessment, and a force joystic those developed by our group; a goniometer, a inertial posturographic and a glove developed by Smartex; a gait analysis system developed by CERTH-ITI.

Some images of the Mechatronics lab during the test session

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